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The Cubespecialists Review + Sub XX Sticker Review
Mein Review zu TCS und den SubXX Stickern:

Zitat:TheCubeSpecialists Review
Hello Everyone,

this is going to be my review on the shop and products.

Disclaimer: I had to buy these products, I am not affiliated with them

I bought stickers for my ZhanChi and my soon to get Weilong. Also, I got cube boxes and Reely lube.

So, first of all, I think the site is very organized, though it is annoying that you have to have an account to buy something or to add to cart. I had to calculate the price of my final order by hand to see what I could get and if it would be worth it compared to other shops. The price of the products is normal, not too expensive though not to cheap either.

Shipping costs were OK, and I got the slower option, Hermes, which was one Euro less for me (in all, 4€). Still, the order was shipped 20 h later on Sunday and came to my house on Wednesday.
I have to say, the box was amazing! It was packed really neatly, and the box was perfectly fine, still cubic. The stickers were in zip-lock bags that fit perfectly. I had my order info in a neat envelope. I was really positively surprised by the shipping and handling.

Now to the products.

I got three Dayan 5.7 mm Bright+ sticker sets and three Moyu Weilong 5.7 Bright+ sticker sets. They cost 1,80 € (both are the same price) for me since I bought more than 2, if you only buy one they cost 2,00€ per set. Each set included White, Grey, Black, Bright Blue, Bright Orange, Bright Red, Pink, Azurblau, Bright Green, and Bright Yellow. The colors contrast very well. Each color came with enough stickers for one side, not two like it used to be. I also got 2 Sub XX logos, one clear foil you put on a sticker, and one white sticker with the logo printed directly on it. Also, each set came with 3 transfer tapes.
The stickers were perfectly cut, they fit extremely well on my ZhanChi. They were also spaced apart specifically for each cube so that my results were almost better using transfer tape than doing each sticker by hand. The stickers are also very thick Orafol, with rich colors. They look so awesome on my cube! They don't chip at all.
I also got this huge promo pack everyone gets, with tons of sticker singles for all kinds of puzzles. Also, it included many different logos. Watch Cyoubx's review for more info on that.

The Reely 30000 diff oil worked really well on my ZhanChi, I lubed the core and the pieces and it is a lot faster now. The only problem i have is that it doesn't really have a good dispensing tip. The bottle is 60 ml.

The cube boxes are very handy. They fit my full sized ZhanChi perfectly, and come with labels to label the boxes.

All in all, this store is awesome! I will definitely order again, and I absolutely love the stickers and lube.

I hope this helped!


Feedback ist erwünscht! sorry das es in Englisch ist, es war originell für speedsolving gedacht
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The Cubespecialists Review + Sub XX Sticker Review - von AmazingCuber - 02.11.2013, 15:07

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