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It not only have many figures also can be used at many places, such as use to seal the envelope, seal the biscuit bags, your smart phone, the windows, furniture and so on
Brand EO Christmas
Material Paper
color White or red
Size 44 x 44mm
Package 48stickers in one package

Package picture

Usage Picture

1. Make sure your Address is correct for receive goods.
2.If you want receive it soon, we can also ship via Airplane.
3..Shipped in10-35 days after payment normally.
4. If you have not received your shipment within 30 days from payment, please contact us.
5.with paper installation instructions in the package.If any installation or use problem, revert to us freely. Our goal is customer satisfaction!

Our aim is that offer clients one-stop Christmas shopping experience.
-Good quality with competitive price.
-OEM and ODM are welcome for us.
-Good service and prompt delivery.
-Good after-sale service and build long business relationship.
Customized Christmas Stickers
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